1. What is it to be Latino?

2. Our Indigenous Roots

3. Latino Immigration to the US


4. Cuba and the United States

5. The Pride of Being Boricua: Puerto Rico

6. From an Island to a Continent: Dominican Republic

7. Ladino Language and the Cultural Identity of Sephardic Jews

8. Migrant Farmworkers


9. Deep African Roots

There should be some from Panama/ Afro-Cubans

10. The Spanish Civil War: A Struggle for Justice


11. Chinese Presence in Latin America

Japanese Presence in Latin America

12. Latin America Source of Biodiversity

There should be plenty for this: Iguazú, other photos from Argentina

13. Contributions of the Evolving Latino Presence


14. Struggle to Achieve Equality and Justice

Paolo Freire, Escuela Popular, Escuela EJE, Escuela

15. Notable Latinos and Latinas

We should have photos with many of them